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Bulletin Board List
It is a bulletin board list page and provides information such as title, author, date of creation.
No. Subject Date Hit
공지 2019 YGVC Free Korean Class Announcement (한국어 강좌 등록) 2019-01-02 283
공지 Funglish class 2018-11-28 141
공지 Talk in Korean Study Group 2018-10-29 243
공지 English Study Group 2018-10-29 145
공지 News in Korean Study Group 2018-10-29 100
공지 Korean class information in Yeoksam Global Village Center (YGVC) 2018-06-27 1134
공지 Driver's License Written Exam Preparation Class in MAY 2018 2018-04-23 175
공지 Free Korean classes in YGVC 2nd and 3rd term 2018 (schedule is fixed) 2018-03-13 1178
공지 2018 Free Korean classes for expats at Yeoksam Global Village Center 2017-12-18 2154