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Seoul Global Center

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Seoul Global Centre

Seoul Global Centre has been run by Seoul City Hall since 2008 and is a multi-lingual, comprehensive support centre providing various services to enable the foreign citizens of Seoul to lead a hassle-free life. Our flagship centre, conveniently located right next to exit 6 of Jonggak Station in Jongro is staffed with various experts to provide counselling on a wide range of issues commonly faced by foreigners living in Seoul.
Counselling can be conducted in twelve different languages on subjects such as starting a business, legal disputes, labour disputes and real estate transactions among others.

In addition, throughout the year we also organise various free educational programmes including Korean classes, seminars about starting a business in Korea and orientation seminars for new residents which are all designed to ensure foreign residents can settle into life in Seoul and be productive members of the community.

We also offer an incubation service whereby promising future and current foreign start-ups less than one year are provided with office space and mentoring to give them the best chance to nurture their nascent dream into a successful reality.

Finally, we have a programme of regular cultural events including the FC Seoul Expats’ Day, our annual global concerts, regular flea markets, and various opportunities for volunteering.

Our consultants are eagerly waiting to assist you and make sure your stay in Seoul is as comfortable as possible by solving any problems you may have, no matter the size. So please drop us a line, give us a call or come and visit our office and speak with one of us. You can also look out for our mobile counselling service which visits areas frequented by expats on a regular basis.

Head of Seoul Global Center, Paul Carver
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