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Welcome to the Yeoksam Global Village Center (YGVC)!
Thank you for visiting our Ceter's website!

The Yeoksam Global Village Center (YGVC)a branch office of the Seoul Global Center, was founded on April 17, 2008, to help foreign residents successfully grow accustomed to life in Korea.

The Yeoksam Global Village Center nestles comfortably above the Yeoksam 1-dong Commonity Service Center, next to the Yeoksam Library on the 5th floor and opens its doors every weekday to fellow expat residents in Seoul Gangnam. The Center is operated be the Seoul Metropolitan Government, which is affiliated with the Gangnam District Office.

My name is Anna Shulepova. I am originally from Kyrgyzstan, where I studied the Korean language within the Faculty of Oriental Studies and Intercultural Communication.

Many years of studying and working in Korea have become priceless experiences in learning about the Korean society and culture.My field of interests has been focused on the development of multicultural societies, such as relation to politics, economics, and cultural studies.

In the modern era, globalization and multiculturalism have caused a massive wave of international migration all over the world; Korea is no exception to this phenomenon.

Since the 1980s, when many skilled foreign workers and overseas Koreans started came to South Korea the country started create a more multicultural society.

As a result, the historically homogenous Korean society is changing into a multicultural one.
Yeoksam GVC is a place, to provide various services to assist your better living in Seoul. Please, feel free to let us know any your questions or ideas!

Anna Shulepova
Head of Yeoksam Global Village Center
역삼글로벌빌리지센터 센터장
Anna Shulepova


  • anna.shulepova@gmail.com