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Dear Honored Visitor.
Welcome to the Seongbuk Global Village Center!
Coming to a foreign country not just as a tourist but living in it for a couple of years as an expatriate is quite often very challenging. Everything is new, everything is exotic, and most of all: everything is different from home. In that case a helping hand is needed who can guide and point you into the right direction.
The Seongbuk Global Village Center (SGVC) was established on November 29, 2009 to be such a helping hand. Located in the northern but still central part of Seoul in Seongbuk-dong, our center is a place where foreign residents specially in the district of Seongbuk-gu will find answers to lots of different questions they definitely have concerning the daily life in the metropolis of Seoul and in Korea.
Seongbuk-dong is a beautiful area surrounded by mountains and woods where numerous ambassadors and people from lots of different countries found their homes. As a means of true multicultural diversity and exchange our center will therefore not only bring any aspect of the Korean culture closer to foreign residents but introduce the cultures of many different countries to Koreans as well.
Both foreign and Korean residents are welcome to participate in our cultural programs and events. Please feel free to visit our center anytime you like. Our professional and always friendly staff will be your helping hand and try to solve any problems you might face. Thank you very much for your visit to our website. I hope to see you soon in our Seongbuk Global Village Center personally!

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