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Foreign residents and multicultural family, how are you?
Welcome to Geumcheon Global Village Center’s website.
Foreign residents and multi-cultural families, warm greetings from Geumcheon Global Village Center.
This is Park Choalsoon, Chief of Geumcheon Global Village Center.
I am very pleased that our center does a main role for foreign residents and multi-cultural families in Gasan area.
Our center is trying to make community living altogether by providing practical and useful lifestyle information. As well, we try to do our best to helping discomforts for foreigners. Located in Gasan area,Geumcheon Global Village Center offers Korean language class, computer class, cooking class, book café, gathering room for community group, and playroom for children.
So feel free and visit our center anytime, we are always welcome you.
Geumcheongu tries to make every effort for everyone can have happy and live together in our society.

Thank you.
Park Choalsoon


  • Tel 02)2627-2881 / Fax 02) 853-8542 / E-mail pchs2383@geumcheon.go.kr