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Happy New Year! I wish you good fortune in 2021, “the Year of the White OX.”

Founded by Seoul City in 2014, the Southwest Seoul Global Center is a comprehensive support institution dedicated to foreign residents. In order to aid foreign residents in achieving a stable life and smooth transition into the community, our center offers a wide variety of services to meet the challenges of daily living, including legal consultations, medical assistance, Korean language classes, cultural programs, support for community network activities, etc.

Starting in 2017, The Immigrants’ Friendship Network Assistance Center oversees every aspect of Southwest Global Center’s management. All our staff endeavor to create an environment where foreign residents and local community members can communicate and discuss relevant matters in a constructive way.

The Immigrants’ Friendship Network Assistance Center is committed to a world in which peace, human rights, and co-existence can flourish.  Please do not hesitate to call or visit us at our center.

Thank you.
서남권글로벌센터장 김동훈
Dong Hoon Kim
Executive Director of Southwest Seoul Global Center