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Welcome to the Seorae Global Village Center Website!
Coming to a new country can be a fun and exciting experience but can be daunting from time to time. For example, what seemed as ordinary as disposing garbage back home can be all of a sudden a new learning experience in Korea, marking the beginning of a series of new discoveries and understandings about life in Korea and its culture.
And this is where we come in.
Located at the heart of the Seorae maeul, the Seorae Global Village Center attempts to address needs and issues that foreign residents face while living in Seoul by providing them with practical information for an easier day-to-day management. We also represent your host country. As such, we offer Korean lessons and other programs such as culinary art, Korean hanji, knot art, and kids after-school activities. Please browse our site for more information on what’s happening at the center.
v The staff of the Seorae Global is looking forward to meeting you!


Zimie Rim
Director of Seorae Global Village Center


  • Tel: 02-2155-8949 / zar1119@seocho.go.kr