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Yeonnam Global Village Center

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The Yeonnam Global Village Center is a branch of the Seoul Global Center that assists foreigners living in Seoul in order to make their lives convenient and comfortable. The Mapo-gu area has a number of Chinese residents and was famous for one of the China Town in Seoul.Recently the growing number of young foreigners has started to live in the area, because it has famous universities such as Hongik Univ. and Seogang Univ., etc. The Yeonnam Global Village Center can help all foreigners enrich their lives in Seoul.


  • Kim, Hyeon Sil / Tel: 02-6406-8153 / Fax: 02-6406-8154 / liuyan125@mapo.go.kr
  • Kim, Gayoung / Tel: 02)6406-8152 / Fax: 02)6406-8154 / g.kim@mapo.go.kr