Yeoksam GVC

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Yeoksam Global Village Center is a branch office of the Seoul Global Center. The Center is located in Gangnam, Seoul and provides information and assistance on many issues that foreigners find difficult to cope with, mainly due to language barriers and insufficient information. The Center has developed well-structured Korean language classes and warm relationship with social institutions through voluntary works. We will continue to improve the quality of foreign residents' lives and promote a better understanding of different cultures through diverse cultural and educational programs.

There are six other Global Village Centers located in neighborhoods of Seoul which is home to the largest number of foreign residents. The Center, operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in conjunction with each designated district office. The Yeoksam Global Village Center, part of Gangman District Office, is located in the heart of Gangnam area.

If you have any questions about living in Korea, please, call one of the Global Village Centers nearest you or visit us at your convenience during center’s working hours


  • 이향은 (Haley Lee) /Manager /(82) 2-3423-7961 /yeoksam@gangnam.go.kr
  • 김민정 (Rachel Kim) / Manager /(82) 2-3423-7962 /ygvc@gangnam.go.kr