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Seorae Global Village Center

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Located in Seorae Maeul in the Seocho District of Seoul and operated in conjunction with the Seoul Global Center, the Seorae Global Village Center held its Opening Ceremony on June 4th 2008. The Seorae Global Village Center provides information on daily living for foreigners who are new to Seoul, and facilitates cultural exchange between foreigners and Korean residents through various educational and cultural events.

No matter which country you are from, the Seorae Global Village Center offers opportunities for all foreigners to learn more about Korean music, art, cooking, etc. We also have language classes and various other cultural classes, and our door is always open for you. Seoul is a city where the traditional and the modern coexist, and we can help you discover all that this city has to offer.


  • 02-2155-8949 / seorae@seoul.go.kr