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Seongbuk Global Village Center

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Seongbuk Global Village Center is established to provide assistance to foreign residents within our district.
It functions as a community center where Korean and foreign residents can come together and share their cultures. This sharing and coming together will help us to overcome cultural differences and work toward building a common cultural community.

The Direction of 『Seongbuk Global Village Center』

  • 1. Construction of One-Step support system for foreign residents
  • 2. Development and operation of special programs reflecting the local characteristics of Seongbuk-gu
  • 3. Contributing to the construction of a reliable global city by establishing a cultural community where both domestic and foreign residents can share their joy and happiness


  • Chief of the Seongbuk Global Village Center : Hans-Alexander Kneider /
  • Manager : Park Myeong Hee / Tel 02) 2241-6381 / E-mail pmhee@sb.go.kr
  • Staff : Kim Hyo Jin / Tel 02) 2241-6383 / E-mail hyojin0327@sb.go.kr
  • Staff : Park Kwi Sung  / Tel 02) 2241-6384 / E-mail guicheng@sb.go.kr / Fax 02) 2241-6587