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Geumcheon Global Village Center

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   32,974 foreigners are currently staying in Geumcheongu in 2015, and it is the fourth place  with

       most number of foreigners registered in Seoul. With large number of foreigners increase and

       globalize, Guemcheongu runs Geumcheon Global village center to help and solve difficulties that

       foreign residents might have in Korea.


      Geumcheon global village center provides Korean language class, Computer class, Cooking class  and

      offers space such as kids’ playroom, gathering room, multi purpose hall (also used as a library) and

      comfortable place to relax for foreigners.

      For foreigners and married immigrants, we provide varieties of programs such as Lecturing  Korean  

      language  , teaching computers, teaching Korean dishes, experience activities of Korean culture and

      other areas, providing information on lifestyle in Seoul, consultation for laws and jobs, programs to

      accelerate mutual understandings between Koreans and foreigners, and providing opportunities for

      teenagers to make their dream come true.



      Also, employees at Geumcheon Global Village Center are all ready to help and solve various kinds of

      difficulties that foreigners go through while adapting to life in Korea.













Chief of the Geumcheon Global Village Center : Chang Yong Kim

Tel : 02) 2627-2881 / E-mail: kcycy@geumcheon.go.kr



Choal Soon Park
Tel : 02) 2627-2885 /  E-mail:



Bo Kyung Park
Tel : 02) 2627-2883 /  E-mail: heyindy@geumcheon.go.kr



Jung Hwa Heo
Tel : 02) 2627-2886 /  E-mail: julia5@geumcheon.go.kr

Fax: 02) 853-8542