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  Comprehensive Multilingual Counseling Service

We provide multilingual counseling service on inconvenience and general issue for foreign residents to live a comfortable and convenient Seoul life.


  Provided in Korean, Chinese and English


  Living in Seoul Counseling Service


  Consulting Service with experts







  Information Lounge for Foreign Residents

We offer you the opportunity to get information of Seoul from high-quality information brochures, magazines or flyers in the information lounge.


  Provide a variety of effective brochures, guidebooks for living in Seoul 


  Free Library Service  


  Available to access free Wi-Fi







  Korean Language Class

We offer Korean language classes to help foreign residents living in Seoul have better communication skills. We operate classes with qualified Korean language tutors in order you to use Korean language successfully, and mingle with the society smoothly.


Comprehensive Courses


  For? Foreign Residents living in Seoul

  What? Learning Grammar/Vocabulary/Speaking and listening by level

  Tuition: Free(Textbook must be purchased individually)


Certification(TOPIK) Courses


  For? Foreign Residents living in Seoul

  What? Preparing for Test of Proficiency in Korean(TOPIK) 3rd,4th grade/5th,6th grade

  Tuition: Free(Textbook must be purchased individually)







 Cultural Programs

 We offer various programs to promote cultural understanding between domestic and foreign citizens. You can learn about Korean traditional and modern culture, and share your culture.


  Experience Korean Traditional Culture Programs


  Sharing Global Culture Programs


  Explore Seoul Programs







   Volunteer Program for Foreigners

 We strongly recommend you to participate in volunteer programs for a wide variety of experience. You can communicate with domestic Seoul citizens and contribute your ability to the community. Participating in the volunteer programs will help you to know the Korean society better, and mingle with Korean.


  Volunteer activities at Senior Welfare Center


  Korean translation opportunities at Hongik Univ. subway station









  Organizations in Partnership with the Yeonnam Global Village Center

 We work together with international communities, organizations such as Seoul Global Center. We cooperate closely to find out what foreign residents need, and to scale up effective programs.