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Services & Programs

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  Daily Living Support Services

        Yeoksam Global Village Center helps you to deal with inconveniences and problems foreigners may face during the stay in Seoul.  In cooperation with related organizations, we provide quick and efficient solutions.

     Receive assistance with public utilities and regulations

     Learn about emergency services such as fire and police

     Get information on medical, legal, and real estate services

     Get help with banking, cell phones, internet services

     Find more information about transportation and travel around Korea.


  Educational and Cultural Opportunities 

       We offer various language lessons and cultural experience programs to help foreigners to understand about Korea as residents in the area.

    Educational Programs

         Korean Language Class


. Korean Classes


13 Weeks




Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Topik/Business Korean

Offered for


Foreign residents




Free of charge


(Textbook must be purchased by students)



Korean classroom in Yeoksam Global Village Center


    Cultural Programs



      Tours to historical and cultural sites in Korea

       Lectures and performances on traditional cooking, tea ceremony, art, and many others


  Volunteer Program



       There is a volunteer team at Yeoksam Global Center, which is composed of diverse nationalities. Volunteers visit childcare centers, local hospitals, in need of help or senior centers and those who are underprivileged.

      Through volunteering works, foreign residents also learn more about Korea and more integrated into a Korean society. Please feel free to contact us for registration and participation.

   Library in Yeoksam Global Village Center

    English guidebooks on living in Seoul

    Books on Korean history, culture and language

    Selection of current English magazines and newspapers

    Tourism brochures and guidebooks

    Computers with free internet access

Please, being inform when apply a programs:

< Agreement to Collect and Use Personal Information>

■ Purposes of collection and use:

Receiving applications; responding to inquiries; contacting for verification; managing performance; sending e-newsletters.

■ Items to be collected and used: Name; Gender; Nationality; Contact info; Personal info

■ Period to retain and use: Personal information as above will be retained and used until the class is ended.

■ Right to refuse: You have the right to refuse or withdraw your consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information at any time. In some cases such refusal or withdrawal may prohibit the joining of our Korean class.

I fully understand this agreement and grant consent to Yeoksam Global Village Center to collect and use my personal information as above. And I would like to apply for the Korean Class.