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Services & Programs

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Daily Living Support Services

The Seorae Global Village Center offers the following daily living support services

  • Getting connected with reliable services for cell phones, internet, and cable
  • Dealing with difficulties related to public utilities and bill payments
  • Getting information on banking
  • Finding foreigner-friendly hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies
  • Finding out about sports facilities, clubs, educational programs, etc.
  • Getting information on public transportation and traveling around Korea

Educational and Cultural Opportunities

One of the most important goals of our center is to promote cultural understanding and exchange between foreigners and resident Koreans living in the area. The center has a variety of language and cultural programs that help all residents learn more about each other and improve communication amongst all members of the community.

  • Educational Programs
    • Korean Language Programs (for foreign residents)
Korean Classes
Period 10 Weeks
Type Beginner / Pre-intermediate /Intermediate
Offered for Foreign residents
Fee Free
Where Classroom in Seorae Global Village Center
  • Cultural Programs
  • Korean cultural programs
    • Classes on aspects of Korean culture such Maedeop, Hanji, Bojagi. etc
  • International Cultural Exchange Programs
    • Foreign residents of Seocho introduce aspects of their culture such as art or cooking to others
    • Participate in the music festival held in September
  • Programs for Korean Children
    • Visit elementary schools to make presentations on foreign culture and food

Information Center

  • A selection of current magazines and newspapers. (Korea Herald)
  • Books on Korean history, culture, and language
  • Tourism brochures and guidebooks
  • Novels and new publications by Korean authors and poets
  • Korean traditional music CDs
  • Computers with free internet access

Donate Your Talent Project

The Seorae Global Village Center is always looking for new ideas and people who are willing to share their skills and talents with the community of Seorae. If you have one hour to spare and have any special skills you would like to donate please let us know at seorae@seoul.go.kr or by calling us at 02-2155-8949.

Language and cultural exchange

The Seorae Global Village Center has Language and Cultural Exchange program. Participants meet in small groups to exchange their language abilities and cultural background. The Center will ask your availability and the language you are interested in learning when you sign up, then will arrange a meeting between you and your language partner. Please note that participants should be older than 18 years old to join this program. Koreans and foreigners are welcome to join. You can sign up by visiting the Center.

**The application form can be downloaded from our website.