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Services & Programs

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  The Ichon Global Village Center offers a variety of services to foreigners,  as well as opportunities

     for cultural exchange which can improve understanding 
between foreigners and Koreans residents.

    The Ichon area has a large population of Japanese residents.

    Our center,
in cooperation with the Seoul Global Center, focuses on educational, cultural,

    and community activities for foreigners 
to support them and help them settle down smoothly into the life in Korea.






  Daily Living Support Services



 At Ichon Global Village Center we support foreigners to solve any kinds of problems


that they face during their time living in Seoul through a wide range of networks


with various associations.  We can help foreigners:

      Solve problems related to electricity, gas, water and garbage

      Learn about emergency services such as fire and police

      Find foreigner-friendly medical, legal, and real estate services

      Learn about immigration procedures through related associations

      Find information about public transportation and traveling in Korea






  Educational and Cultural Opportunities



 We offer various language lessons and cultural experience programs


to help foreigners to understand about Korea as residents in the area.




  Educational Programs



     Korean Language Programs (for foreign residents):




  Korean Classes
Period 10 Weeks
Type Beginner 1 • 2/ Lower- Intermediate/ Intermediate 1•2•3/ TOPIK(Intermediate)
Offered for Foreign residents
Where Seminar room in Ichon Global Village Center Building
Fee Free of charge (Textbook must be purchased by students)




    Cultural Programs




      Korean cultural programs

          - Classes on Korean traditional cooking, clothing, and art

          - Tours to historical sites and Korean traditional performances


      International Cultural Exchange Programs

          - Facilitates understanding between foreigners and Korean residents

          - Introduction to foreign cultures by members of the foreigner community


       Flea Market


          - An opportunity for foreigners and Korean residents to sell things to each other






  Information Center



Brochures about daily life information and tourism


      Maps of Yongsan-gu area

      Korean and Japanese books and magazines

      Free internet access





  Volunteer Programs



We invite people to join the cultural exchange programs of our center as volunteers to provide them


a chance to get  to know more about Korea and exchange language and culture with Korean residents.