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Services & Programs

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Daily Living Support Services

We help you deal with inconveniences and problems you might face during your stay in Seongbuk.
We can help foreign residents

  • counseling service provided in different languages (Korean, English, Chinese)
  • providing offline, online and telephone counseling
  • providing daily living information and consultations in case of inconveniences
  • providing professionalized counseling by establishing a hot-line connection with other professional counseling offices

Educational and Cultural Programs

We offer Korean lessons and cultural experience programs to help foreign residents to understand the Korean way of life.

  • Korean Classes
  • English Speaking Class
  • Cultural Experience Classes
    • Offered for : Foreign Residents & Multicultural Family Members
    • Where : Seminar Room in Seongbuk Global Village Center
    • Fee : Free of charge (textbooks must be purchased by attendants)
    • The schedule is subject to change according to the conditions.

Arts and Crafts Classes

This program broadens cultural understanding and emphasizes the flavor of authentic Korean culture for both Korean and Non-Korean participants by means of personally experiencing traditional Korean culture.

  • Traditional Korean Boudoir Crafts and Korean Paper Art among other programs
  • Ceramic art class
  • Tea Ceremony class
  • Offered for: foreign residents
  • Course Fee: Free (A small fee for material will be charged separately.)

Cultural Programs

We offer people the chance both to get to know Korean culture and to share their own culture with individuals from other countries.

  • Cultural experience programs
  • Cultural tour programs
  • Cultural Festivals

Information Center & Cafeteria

The Seongbuk Global Village Center is open to both Korean and foreign residents to share different information and make new friends in the neighborhood. Furthermore, you can use the free Internet service as well as read the latest magazines and books from different parts of the world.

  • Access to free newspapers, magazines, books and periodicals
  • Free Internet Service
  • Free access to both Korean and foreign users
  • Utilized for hosting small group discussions and meetings

Volunteer Programs

The Seongbuk Global Village Center is continuously looking for helping hands to assist the Center in its operation of various different educations and cultural programs as well as the general operation of the center. We invite both Korean and foreign residents to join our center as volunteers to provide them with a chance to get to know more about Korea and exchange language and culture with Korean residents.