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Services & Programs

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  Educational business


     Korean Education


     Computer Education


     Health related program (Line Dance)


     Youth Taekwondo


     Immigration& Social Integration Network (Ministry of Justice)


     Immigrant Early-adaptation Program (Ministry of Justice)


     Employment related educations etc





  Cultural business



     Cooking Korean foods

     Geumcheongu and Seoul city tour

     Exploring Korean traditional cultures and etc




  Consultation support business



     Life law consultation

     Labor-related consultations




  Wellness support business


     Runs multi-cultural library

     Provide community area

     Operating, associating voluntary activities etc




  Relevant organizations



     Seoul Global center


     Dongdaemun Global center

     Southwest Global center

     Global village center (6 centers)

     Geumcheon foreign employer center

     Geumcheongu multicultural family support center

     Geumcheon police office, Seoul migrated female supporter

     Immigration office at Southern Seoul





Opening hours : (Mon-Fri) 09:00 ~ 18:00  (Sat) 09:00 ~ 17:00