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★Additional Registration Notice for Korean Class★
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Subject ★Additional Registration Notice for Korean Class★
Additional Registration Notice for Korean Class


1. Additinal Registration for Korean Class

Weekday Class 1B Tue, Thur 17:00~18:30  Waiting List
2A Mon, Wed 17:00~18:30 Waiting List
Tue, Thur 12:00~13:30  Waiting List
2B Mon, Wed 19:00~20:30 Registration Available
Tue, Thur 10:00~11:30  Registration Available
3B Mon, Wed 19:00~20:30 Waiting List
4A Tue, Thur 17:00~18:30 Waiting List
Weekend Class 1A-1 Sat 10:00~11:30 Waiting List
Sat 14:00~15:30 Waiting List
Sun 16:00~17:30 Waiting List
Sun 12:00~13:30 Waiting List
2A-2 Sun 12:00~13:30 Registration Available
2B-1 Sat 16:00~17:30 Registration Available
2B-2 Sun 16:00~17:30 Registration Available
3A-1 Sat 10:00~11:30 Registration Available
3A-2 Sat 12:00~13:30 Registration Available


2. Procedure

1) Visit the center 4F (Mon-Fri 09:00~19:30, Lunch Break 11:00~13:00)

2) Take the Placement Test  ******** All applicants are required to take a placement test.

3) Submit the application


3. Eligibility

- International residents in Seoul including who obtained a South Korean citizenship

- Those who can attend classes regularly.

* B-1, B-2, C-3, C-4 visa (temporary) holders and minors are NOT eligible to sign up for this program.


4. Course fee : Free


5. Required Documents

- A copy of your ID (Alien Registration Card, Passport or National Identification Card)

- A photo (3cm*4cm or 4cm*6cm size)


6. Note

- Applicants can sign up for only one class per person.


- Applicants must visit the center in person during the registration period. (Online application or application by phone or proxy is not acceptable.)


- Applicants may not be assigned to the class they want to get in. The classes will be decided according to the placement test results.


- If some of the classes are below strength or if there are drop-outs, another registration will be open on the website later.


- The class schedule is subject to change depending on the center’s circumstances.


7. To find out more, please contact Daily Living Consultation Team.


- Phone : A Jeong Sim(A. J.) 02-2075-4162

- Email : sgcwekc@gmail.com