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[Business Meetup] Let's talk about 'Real Business in Korea!'(The 5th Business seminar)
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Subject [Business Meetup] Let's talk about 'Real Business in Korea!'(The 5th Business seminar)

[Business Meetup] Let's talk about 'Real Business in Korea!'(The 5th Business seminar) 사진

Interested in doing business in Korea?
Want to be part of the Korean Business environment?

As you know, doing business in any country is not easy.
Specifically, people say it is more difficult to do business in Korea as a foreigner.
What do you think? Do you agree or not?
Even Korean nationals say it is hard to do business in Korea.
Nonetheless, as Seoul has become internationalized and many foreigners have come to visit, there are many foreigners who want to have a second life opportunity in Korea.
But the reality is, it is too difficult and complicated to start a business in Korea. Many foreigners are frustrated by the minimum requirement of investment capital, language barriers, many compliances and visa issues, etc.

The Seoul Global Center and the Korean government are doing our utmost to help foreigners settle in Korea through various support and education, but we know that there are still many difficulties for foreigners.
Thus, we prepared a meetup event to help you do business in Korea more effectively by sharing the experience of a foreigner who successfully started a business in Korea.
Why don't you meet him in person and listen to his experience and tips while preparing and doing business in Korea?

- Title: Let's talk about 'Real Business in Korea!'

- When: November 30, Friday, 7 pm to 9 pm

- Where: the 9th floor of the Seoul Global Center

- Attendees: 50 people

- Eligibility: Everyone

- Language: English

laugh Who is the speaker?                                                             
  Romin Khazai from Australia사진
 - Romin Khazai from Australia

 - Pharmacist, Working in a few international organisations

 - Completed MBA in 2015

 - Came to Korea in 2016

wink What is he going to say?
 - Introduction of himself and company
 - How he found an opportunity in Korea
 - What and how he prepared for the business in Korea
 - Business development, cross cultural management and support programs in Korea
 - Contracts, Employment and marketing basics
 - Invaluable tips and QnA

 - First-come, first-served basis
 - No shows without any notice after being accepted to participate in the event will be restricted from attending future events or programs run by SGC.   
Point of Contact
 - Mr. Ahn, Sehoon
 - sgcbiz@sba.kr
 - 02-2075-4139