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Thai Festival 2017 (타이페스티벌 2017)
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Subject Thai Festival 2017 (타이페스티벌 2017)
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제3회 타이페스티벌 귀환 !




2017년 7월 1-2일(11.00-21.00) 서울 청계광장에서 만나는 유니크한 태국,


주한태국대사관은 서울특별시청, 태국관광청 서울사무소, 주한태국대사관 상무관실, 주한태국대사관 노무관실, 타이항공,

타이에어아시아엑스, 대한무에타이협회와 함께 이곳 서울의 중심부에서 여러분들께 유니크한 태국을 선사하고자 합니다.



- 태국수상시장으로의 여행


- 국내 태국음식점의 맛있는 음식과 음료


- 태국 전통마사지 시연 


- 태국 신진디자이너 상품&패션쇼


- 무에타이 경기& 태국전통디저트 만들기


- 다양한 태국 문화 행사 (일요일만 진행)


- 태국 왕복 항공권의 기회를 놓치지 마세요!





Thai Festival in Korea is back! Get ready for a unique Thai experience in Seoul on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 July 2017 (11.00-21.00 hrs.) at Cheonggye Plaza.




The Royal Thai Embassy in collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Office of Tourism Authority of Thailand, Seoul Office, the Office of Commercial Affairs, the Office of Labour Affairs, Thai Airways, Thai Air Asia X, and the Korea Muay Thai Association, brings you a weekend of unique Thai experience right in the centre of Seoul.



- Take a walk through a Thai “floating market”


- Participate in Thai traditional massage demonstration


- Enjoy delicious Thai food and beverages from Thai restaurants in South Korea


- Shop Thai fashion products by young Thai designers


- Sit in the front row of Muay Thai contests and fashion shows


- Take part in Thai cultural activities with the Thai community (on Sunday).


- Don’t miss the chance to win return tickets to Thailand.



The Royal Thai Embassy and Thai government agencies in the Republic of Korea would like to thank you for your participation in advance.



Royal Thai Embassy, Seoul