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Korean and computer

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  • Support for stable settlement in Seoul and promote understanding of Korean culture.
  • Customized Korean language education
  • Computer education for adaptation to digital information society

- 1st Term: March~ June 2021
- 2nd Term: July~ October 2021

- Korean Language: Basic (consonant/vowel), 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, TOPIK preparation class, etc.
- Computer: Basic computer & Internet Usage, Hangeul document writing, Excel,
                 Power Point & presentation technique, computer licensure examination preparation class, etc.

- 1st Term Schedule

#Persons Covered
_ Foreign residents living in Seoul

#How to apply
- Visit the center after inquiries by phone (bring your ID card)
   Korean: After placement evaluation, the enrollee is assigned to the class according to the score.

#Tuition fee : Free (However the learner has to purchase the textbook)

#Inquiries : Jiyoon Lee/ Tel. 02)2229-4923