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Early Adaption Program

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Early Adaption Program for Foreign Residents
Programs for foreign residents to integrate with Korean society

# Target : foreign nationals, marriage migrants, foreigners in overpopulated areas, etc.

# Contents of education:

Mandatory - Essential living information, Basic legal order and Culture,
                  Immigration and Foreigner sojourn policies.
Special - Foreigner's rights and Obligations, Law-abiding Consciousness,
            General Laws, Foreigner sojourn/permanent residence permit policies,
             nationality acquisition, etc.

#Training time : 3 hours (overpopulated area : 2 hours)
# how to apply : Register as a member on Socinet (socinet.go.kr) and apply

# Class is open every 2nd, 3rd week of the month, 4-6 sessions.
# Those who hold H-2, E-6-2 and Foreign celebrities cannot register as foreigners unless they complete the Early Adaptation Program.

# Advantages of Completion
- marriage migrants are granted 2 years of stay
  (excluding those who are banned from entering the country)
- When participating in the social integration program, 2 hours of training hours*
  are deducted (common)
* Acknowledged as having completed 2 hours from the first assigned level
  (except the level 0).
#Inquiries : Jiyoon Lee, 02-2229-4923