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On-site Counseling

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  We provide on-site counseling and administration services with professional counselors on weekends/holidays where there is a high concentration of foreign residents. 


  Time :  Sunday, 12:00PM-4:00PM  (From February to December)

  Location :  Areas with high concentration of foreign residents or workers

※  Daerim-dong, Gwanghui-dong Mongol town & Russia town,  Changsin-dong, Itaewon Station and  Hyehwa-dong Philippine Quarter, etc


  Information frequently requested by foreigners, as well as daily living issues

 Professional counselors will provide on-site counseling based on issues regarding foreign residency and foreign rights.

※ Legal, Labor, Industrial accidents, Immigration, Employment Insurance,  National pension, Human Rights, Communication,  Korean medicine treatment, Chiropractic, Real estate, Finance,  etc. 


  Experts such as general lawyers, labor lawyers, Korean medicine doctors

  Multi-lingual Interpreters

  Native volunteers

    Geun Min, Lee 02-2075-4108 / hotline@seoul.go.kr