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Cultural/Local society network

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<Local & Foreign residents cultural companion class>
- Cultural education program for Local & Foreign residents to improve the quality of life and reciprocal cultural understanding

# Target audience: Local & Foreign residents who are interested in cultural art activities

# Contents: Cultural class(Drawing, Singing, knitting, Caligraphy etc)
※ contents can be altered by the organization’s circumstance

# Inquiry: Soomin Kim 02-2229-4904

<Local Society Network>
- Establishing a foundation of local communities’ self-sustaining activity establishing a system of mutual cooperation and coexistence through networks

- Supporting foreign residents' community activities

- Providing an activity space for foreign residents' communities

- Running Southwest Seoul Global Center’s policy discussions

- Hosting Local & Foreign residents’ cultural exchange events

#Inquiry : Yeonhee Park 02-2229-4908