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Cultural Events

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Experience activities for helping foreign residents to understand Korean culture

Experience of Korean culture

  • Experience of agricultural and fishing villages
  • Experience of Korean movies
  • Korean speech contest and Korean quiz contest

Experience of traditional culture

  • Experience of traditional tea ceremony
  • Experience of old palaces and traditional Korean Village
  • Experience of making traditional holiday food

Understanding and experience of Korean culture and multiculturalism

  • Global culture - Daily classes
  • Educational programs for understanding Korean culture
  • Educational programs for multiculturalism understanding

Strengthening the adaptability of marriage immigrants

  • Employment support for marriage immigrants
  • Homeland visit of low income marriage immigrants
  • Hobby class for marriage immigrants

Local activities with foreigners

  • Making Kimchi - Volunteer work
  • Keeping the basic public order in a foreigner concentration area
  • Campaign for preventing illegal trash dumping
  • Education on movie production
  • Movie shooting and editing
  • Playing movies at Foreign Residents Film Festival

Contact us

  • Jeong Seon-suk / Tel: 02)2670-3801