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Startup Incubation Office

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Incubation Office Program



  ο Location : Yeouido Global Business Center (ONE IFC 3F)

  ο Size : 25.9㎡ (shared office by 5 companies)

  ο Duration of lease : Up to six months (renewable only once depending on evaluation results)

  ο Equiment provided free of charge : Office furniture, phone, internet, and etc.


Application Eligibility

  ο Visa Status : those who are permitted by their visa to start a business or engage in foreign investment in Seoul

                        (e.g. D-2, D-7, D-8, F-5, F-2, F-4 visa holders) 

  ο A candidate who is not financially or legally disqualified from doing business in Seoul. 


Vacancy Information

 ο To submit your application for future vacancies, please contact the Yeouido Global Business Center through the website

    email at yeouidosmbiz@gmail.com  or phone at 82-2-6137-9830~3.