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Driver’s License

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  Driving in Seoul

  Driver's License related Counseling

  Foreigners may exchange their license into a Korean license. (Exchanging a license will be avaliable at Seoul Global Center only for those who are exempted from the written test.)  

  Reissuance of driver's license (renewal or replacement for lost or stolen one), Issuance of an international driver's license 

  Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM, (**Lunch Break: 12:00PM ~ 1:00PM)

     ** Please visit us by 4:00 PM for exchanging a license.


 Visit Korea ROAD Traffic Authority website for further details: Click Here


    Please bring required documents along with your original ID card.  

    There is no need to notarize the Embassy certificate separately

   Embassy certificate of license and certificate of Apostille are valid for ONE year from the date of issuance, and if it specifies a period of less than 1 year, it will be applied.

    As the American Embassy / British Embassy / Korean Consulate General in Hong Kong / Finish Embassy no longer issue notarization, please submit the certificate of Apostille regarding a license. 

     ** In the case that the issuing date & valid period are not specified in the driver’s license or certificate, one must submit the document such as the “Certificate of Driving History” issued by the relevant issuing authority in order to confirm the date of issuance & valid period   

If the Country that the Driver's License was issued and one's Nationality is different, you need be able to verify the fact of staying over 90 days where the license was issued.

It can be verfied through the following document: Passport stamps from the Country that issued the license.

Driver's License

Approved Driving Vehicles 

Type  Classification
Level 1


 Automobile / Ominbus [Automobile for Passengers]

 Motor Lorry [Motor Truck] / Emergency Motor Vehicles 

 Construction Machinery 

 Special Automobile [Straddle Truck] 

 cf. Except to Trailer, Wreck [Tow Truck]

 A Motorized Bicycle 


Automobile/ Omnibus below fifteen passengers 

Motor Lorry less than load limit Twelve tons 

A Motorized Bicycle [Two-Wheeled Vehicle] 

Level 2 



  Automobile/ Omnibus below Ten passengers 

   Motor Lorry below load limit four tons

  A motorized bicycle 



 Two-wheeled vehicle cf. included, besides car

  A motorized bicycle 

    Motorized  Vehicle  


 A motorized bicycle/ Multiple-wheel motor 

※ Note: You will need to acquire [Level 2 Regular] OR [Level 2 Motorized vehicle] driver's license for two-wheeled vehicles less than or equal to 125cc engine and

motorized bicycle less than 50cc. Aside from the two driver's licenses mentioned above, vehicles that are over 125cc engine will need to possess Level 2 Small license.


  International Driver's License

Korea is a member of Geneva Convention, therefore we recognize driver's license that were issued from Geneva convention.  Since Janurary 2002, we allow drivers with international driver's license issued from member nation of Vienna convention.

The term of validity is limited to one year and upon expiration, the international license cannot be renewed. Despite the expiration date of international license, it may not be valid according to the international treaty and the law of the country.

Therefore, please check at the relevant Embassy whether you are allowed to drive or not.  
Please check the required documents by visiting the website: KoROAD




  Exchanging Foreign License

? Click here for more information

  Foreigners from countries that recognize Korean driver's licenses :
     Are exempt from all tests, but must take a physical exam.

 List of Countries that recognizes Korean driver's licenses :


 Foreigners from countries that do not recognize Korean driver's licenses : 

Are all required to take written and physical examination. The written test consist of forty multiple choice questions,  and are available in Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, Indonesian, Mogolian, Cambodian, Filipino (Tagalog).


 Acquisition of a New Driver's License


  Driver's License Test Center :


**Note: Unlike Driving schools, the Driver's License Test Center does not provide any other services besides test examinations.



  Safe Driving


After acquiring a driver's license, drivers should be familiar with the traffic regulations and follow safe driving rules.

Penalty points for each violation are presented in the following website ⇒ Click

The laws and fines related to driving in Korea are similar to other countries, but there are some differences,

so drivers should be familiar with the laws and regulations.

In particular, drivers must pay attention to the penalty points that can lead to driver's license cancellations or suspensions.


Global Center Driver's License: 02-2075-4127

 Korea Road Traffic Authority Call Center:  02-1577-1120