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Medical Service

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Medical services for foreigners

Medical Department Internal Medicine, Rehabilitation Treatment Dental Service Oriental Medicine Metabolic Syndrome
Date & Time 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month 14:00~16:00

1st to 4th Sunday of every month 14:00~16:00

Tuesday & Friday 19:30~21:00
1st to 4th Sunday of every month 14:00~16:00 Monday through Friday 9:00~18:00 (checkup: 9:00~11:30)
Details of Treatment

Consultation & prescription

Routine dental checkup

Cavity treatment

Tooth extraction

Dental consultation

Diagnosis & prescription of oriental medicine



Cupping, etc..

Diagnosis on metabolic syndrome through the check of five basic factors: waist measurement, blood pressure, blood sugar, triglyceride, and HDL
Location Doctor’s office on 3rd floor Dental clinic on 1st floor Doctor’s office on 3rd floor Consultation room for metabolic syndrome on 1st floor
Target Client Foreign residents in Seoul (priority will be given to patients without medical insurance) Residents of 20~64 years old
(Dental service : over 10 years old)
Appointment Reservation by on-site visit, call or email
(Dental appointment must be made in advance)
Reservation by phone only

Tel: 02-2229-4900

Email: hotline@swsgc.co.kr

Contact: Son, Minjo




  • When making an appointment, please provide us with your name and mobile phone number. Confirmation text message will be sent to you before the day of your appointment
  • There is no medical service available on the 5th Sunday
  • Priority will be given to patients making an appointment in advance. For those who walk in on the day of medical service will be treated afterwards. Please note that there will be some waiting time if you visit the center without an appointment