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<19, 08, 2017> Field trip to the House of Sharing
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작성일 2017-08-23 14:58 조회 540
제목 <19, 08, 2017> Field trip to the House of Sharing
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Museum in Gyeonggi-do where live a women, now in their late 70s or 80s, who were forced to work in Japanese military brothels across Asia before and during WWII. The attached museum details their plight through testimonies, artworks and videos. 'Comfort women' is the euphemism coined by the Japanese military for these women, 70% of whom were Korean. When enslaved, most of the women were aged between 13 and 16 and had to service between 30 and 40 soldiers a day. It’s a heavy-going experience, but one not without a sense of hope – both at the resilience of the human spirit and the prospect for reconciliation. The greatest number of visitors to the House come from Japan and every year a Peace Road Program brings Korean and Japanese students together to help further understanding of their countries’ painfully entwined histories and how they might be better neighbours in the future.