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SGC Volunteer

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  Seoul Global Center is recruiting both Korean and foreign volunteers to participate in diverse volunteer programs in the local community.

      We hope this opportunity and your precious dedication will allow you to have a meaningful time for you and the community.

  Volunteer Qualification

 Native/ Foreign (Adults)

Someone who is interested in volunteer service and international exchange

Someone who can be responsible and sincere throughout the volunteer service

 Volunteer Training

 This training is mandatory for all volunteer applicants 

 Training Content : Introduction on Seoul Global Center, Volunteers' role and responsibilities, Information on volunteer fee

 Training Schedule : Twice every three months

 Volunteer Services

Local Children Center Volunteer (Once a month)

Volunteers will be part of the multicultural experience activity with the children along with the theme of "The global journey".

Foreign residents related events        

Gwanghwamoon foreign flea market support, Seoul Global Center promotion or events support.

Korean Holiday Event

 Supporting/ Introducting Lunar New Year's (Seoulnall), Korean Thanksgiving Day (Cheosuk) and other Korean cultural holiday events.

 How to Apply

 Application Period : Anytime

How to Apply : Send us an email with required information (Activity title, Activity Date and Time, Name, Nationality, Phone number)

※ Please refer to SGC NEWS notice board (monthly volunteer services notice )page for more information.

Yoonji, Kim / 02-2075-4151 / sgcvolun@gmail.com

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