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Seoul Living Orientation

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   Seoul Living Orientation welcomes all foreigners who are looking for information and useful tips 

     about how to live a convenient life in Seoul.  
The orientation includes introduction to Seoul Global Center

    and how to take advantage of facilities and programs that Seoul 











  Operating Time & Content




  Year round


  Introduction to Seoul Global Center


  Information about Life in Seoul and Korean Culture





  Activities in 2015




 Orientations for International Students studying at

     Kyunghee Univ. / Dongguk Univ. / Sogang Univ. / Seoul National Univ. of Science and Technology /

     Seoul National Univ. / Univ. of Seoul / Soongsil Univ. / Yonsei Univ. / Hansung Univ. / Hanyang Univ 


     and other universities in Seoul.



  International Exchange Promotion Association (INEPA), Russian Notary Association,

     Hong Kong Industry Training Association Affiliated 
Vocational School, Immigration Office of Hong Kong, etc. 







Choi, Yunsun  02-2075-4130 / sgcdailyot@gmail.com