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Korean Language

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The Yeoksam Global Village Center offers special 3 semester Korean language classes to the foreign residents living in Korea.


1.Click to fill out the Application Form(Hyperlink)
-Only adults can apply for the class.
-Applicants should fill out the application form and shouldn’t fill false information about themselves. 
-The information provided by applicants will not be shared with 3rd parties and only will be used in Yeoksam Global Village Center to provide better information and introducing programs to the applicants.
2.Take Placement Test (Visit the center in the selected date and time to have exam)
-Placement test date is fixed date and all aplicants who is applying for Free Korean Language course in Yeoksam Global Village Center must take placement test, except those who is applying for LEVEL 1A. 
-Placement test time will be selected by applicants and all applicants should bring their ARC(Alien Registration Card) to enter exam. 
-Results will be provided by teachers on the same day after Placement Test.
3.Semester starts
-Your next application may be restricted in case you don’t fulfill 50% of presence rate per term without any notice.
-Application is automatically canceled in case of absence without leave for 2 weeks
-No additional application or audit except for the application period.
-Certificate issued to applicants(*only when you fulfill 70% of presence rate) 
-Pictures taken at Korean classes shall be used for promotion of center.

※Please inform your absence to an instructor or Yeoksam Global Village Center staffs in advance.
※Per semester each applicant can take only 1 Korean language class( TOPIK and Converstation class not included)
We will share information about new semester apllication period via Social Media and YGVC Website