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KIIP(Korean Immigration Integration Program)

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The Ministry of Justice providing Korea Immigration and Integration Program for foreigners who would love to stay in Korea under residency visa or changing to Korean nationality in Yeoksam Global Village center.

Korea Immigration & Integration Network (KIIP) 
Education program developed to help immigrants acquire basic knowledge and information about life in Korea (Korean language and Culture, Understanding Korean Society, etc.) so that they can adapt to the Korean society and become its self-reliant members 


Eligible Participant
Foreign residents who hold an alien registration card or domestic residence card and naturalized Koreans 

The KIIP is not available for naturalized Koreans who acquired Korean citizenship over three years ago 


Deemed to have passed the Comprehensive Evaluation for Naturalization (in case of those who completed the advanced course of the KIIP Level 5)
-Exempt from naturalization interview (in case of those who took the 70-hour course of the KIIP Level 5 and passed the Comprehensive Evaluation for Naturalization)
-Deemed to have met the basic requirement for application for permanent residency 
-Provided with extra points and exempt from proving proficiency in Korean when applying for other status of sojourn
-Exempt from proving proficiency in Korean when applying for a visa


Course Registration 
Register for the course after checking the education center, course schedule, registration period, and the number of participants in “Course Registration” at Immigration & Social Integration Network(socinet.go.kr) 


※ No course list displayed in “Course Registration” means that no course is available for registration 
※ Please contact the education center in charge for inquires regarding detailed course schedule and level assignment (Contact information is provided in Immigration & Social Integration Network - 「Korea Immigration and Integration Program」 - 「Education Centers Nationwide」) 
※ Course registration is available from 00:00 on the day the registration begins (during the course registration period only) Curriculum (Course) Schedule 
※ Notice about timetable and course registration schedule for each semester will be posted on Immigration & Social Integration Network - 「Notice」-「Notice of Immigration Office」
Timetable and course registration schedule may be posted on different dates depending on the Immigration Office in charge