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The Yeoksam Global Village Center offers special English Language Conversation Class conducted by native English speaker instructor Theresa Poon every week on Friday from 12:10 PM~13:40 PM.
Here is the information about weekly based questions for conversation class:
For joining classes click the poster:

2020. 02. 07 Friday

1.     What is your all-time favorite movie?

2.      If a book has been made into a movie, which do you prefer to do first: see the movie or read the book? Why?

3.     What's the best way to learn a foreign language?

4.     What languages would you like to learn in the future? (Except for English)

5.     What’s the best Christmas you've ever had?

6.     What do you usually do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

7.     Is there anything stressful about Christmas? 

8.     What do you want for Christmas? (Not only the presents but also dating, time spending, etc.)

9.     What is your favorite Christmas song?

10.  What do you think about Christmas tree?

11.  Which historical figure or celebrity would you like to spend Christmas with?

2020. 02. 14 Friday

1.     It’s Valentine’s Day. Did you buy any chocolate for your Valentine?

2.     Did you receive any chocolate from anyone else?

3.     What is your ideal date on Valentine’s Day? Please elaborate.

4.     What did you do on December 31, 2019?

5.     What are your new year’s plans?

6.     What do you wish for 2020?

7.     What music streaming service do you use? Why?    

8.     What kind of music genre do you like? Why?

9.     What kind of music genre do you dislike? Why?

10.  Who is your favorite artist? And favorite song? Why?

2020. 02. 21 Friday

1.     How was your weekend?

2.     What is your favorite winter food?

3.     What did you usually do on “snowy day” during your childhood?

4.     How do you overcome “Monday disease”?

5.     What do you usually do on TGIF(불금)?

6.     Do you have any plans for the weekend?

7.     If you could be live with another person, who do you want to live with?

8.     If you are a very famous actor(actress), what kind of role and movie would you want to be in? Why?

9.     Have you ever dreamed of being a famous actor(actress)?

10.  Have you ever heard 'Insider & Outsider'? Why do many people dream to be popular?    

2020. 02. 28 Friday

1.     Where is your hometown? Please explain in detail (population, landmarks, special products, celebrity, etc.)

2.     Where is the most memorable place in Korea? Please describe in detail.

3.     Where was your first oversea destination?

4.     Where is your special/unusual place that you have been with your partner/lover?

5.     How many “best” friend(s) do you have?

6.     What are some qualities that you look for in a friend?

7.     Do you have a funny story that you experienced with your friend?

8.     If your best friend asks to borrow money from you, how much money can you lend them?

9.     What is the best thing that your friend ever gave you? What is the best thing that you ever gave your friend?

10.  Do you think that a male and a female can be friends until they are old? Please explain the reason.

If you’ve got any questions that you want to try during the class, we’re always open to your suggestions. Please send the question(s) to: theresapoon258@gmail.com.