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On-Site Counseling Service

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We provide on-site counseling and other services with professional counselors on weekends/holidays in areas frequented by foreign residents.Travel Consultation Service Photo1 Travel Consultation Service Photo2


  • Time : Saturday, Sunday 12:00~16:00 (March to November)
  • Location : Areas frequented by foreign residents (Hyehwa-dong, Daerim-dong, Gwanghui-dong, Bomun-dong, Itaewon, etc.)
  • SGC's On-site counseling services are shutting down as of COVID-19.

Counseling Service

  • Information frequently requested by foreigners, as well as daily living issues
  • Expert counseling for solving problems or protecting rights of foreign residents
  • Law, labor, industrial accidents, immigration, employment insurance, national pension, human rights, mobile, finance, etc.


  • Experts including general lawyers and labor lawyers
  • Interpreters
  • Volunteers


  • Contact : Elena, Counseling Operation Team
  • Phone : 02-2075-4149