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[ITAEWON GVC] Organic Lipstick Making Class
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Education Period 2019-09-17 ~ 2019-09-17
Education Location Itaewon Global Village Center
Person in charge Katherine Corteza
Tel No. 02-2199-8883
Subject [ITAEWON GVC] Organic Lipstick Making Class
On Tuesday, September 17th, from 1:00pm-3:00pm, Itaewon Global Village Center will hold an “Aromatherapy Workshop: Organic Lipstick Making Class.”
Through this class, participants will get a chance to make their very own essential oil lipsticks using all natural ingredients, plus they can blend their own color too!
This class will be led by Ms. Connie Lee. Connie is a member of the IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aroma therapists). After the class, she will be giving free 1:1 consultation on aromatherapy to five lucky participants.
The fee for this class is 22,000won (for 2 lipsticks). However, if you can bring your own glass beaker (at least 25ml but no bigger than 50ml), you would only need to pay 20,000won. Additional 10,000won for every extra lipstick. Registration and pre-payment are required for this class. To register, email us your name, nationality, phone number and email address.
(Email: kapcorteza@yongsan.go.kr)