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Blue and White Tumbler Ceramics Painting Class
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Education Period 2018-06-01 ~ 2018-06-01
Education Location National Museumof Korea
Person in charge Katherine Corteza
Tel No. 02-2199-8883
Subject Blue and White Tumbler Ceramics Painting Class
On Friday, June 1st, 10:00am-12:00pm, the Itaewon Global Village Center will hold a “Blue and White Porcelain Making Class.” Participants will paint a tumbler using the traditional Korean “Blue and White Painting” technique.
Korean blue and white porcelain, called “Cheongwha-baekja”, was introduced to Korea in the late 14th Century, in Joseon dynasty. Although it was influenced by Chinese porcelain in the mid 15th Century, it was developed in a unique Korean style from the late 15th Century.
Before the actual practice, you’ll be watching a short presentation which includes the introduction on Korean Blue and White Porcelain. A detailed guideline will be provided, so you don’t have to worry about design and making.
The venue of the class is the National Museum of Korea, and we will meet at the museum on the class day. The participation fee for the class is 5,000 won. You can sign up in person or by email only. To sign-up by email, send in your name, nationality and phone number.
Email: kapcorteza@yongsan.go.kr