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Subject Baekje Cultural Festival, 30 Sept, Chungcheongnam-do
Event Period 2017-09-30 ~ 2017-09-30
Period of
2017-09-08 ~ 2017-09-29
Event Location Gathering at Yeoksam GVC
Person in charge 이향은
Tel No. 02-3453-9039

Baekje Cultural Festival (백제문화제) commemorate the three loyal subjects of the Baekje era, namely Seongchung, Heungsu, and Gyebaek through a Samchungje rite. The lonely souls drifting throughout Baekje’s land are also comforted through a separate ritual ceremony, known as the Suryukje rite.
- Opening ceremony (September 29, Gongju), Closing ceremony (October 5, Buyeo)
- Opening Ceremony Firework Festival September 28 near the areas of of Geumgangsingwan Park
- Buyeo: Baekje Historical Culture Parade, Baekje People Parade, etc.
- Gongju: Ungjin Castle Parade, Ungjin Fantasia, etc.
- Samchungje, Baekje great religious ceremony, Ungjin Baekje 4th King Commemorate Ceremony, Yeongsan Ritual Ceremony, etc.
- Gongju Korea-Japan-China Cultural Forum, Sabi concert, Baekje Cultural Themed Street, National Baekje Earthenware Competition
- Experience Program includes Baekje Village Gomachon, Baekje Culture Experience, Baekje Costume Experience, Baekje Traditional Martial Art show and experience, etc.
- Traditional Folk Performances include Eunsan Byeolsinje, Bongheon-ri Funeral Song (Bonghyeon-ri Sangyeosori), Uidang House Site Stomping, Yongjeong-ri Hosangnori (funeral ceremony), Seonhak-ri jigenori (carrier play), Sedu dure pungjang (ceremony), etc.