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[Online] Andong, Off the Beaten Path of Korea
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Education Period 2020-11-20 ~ 2020-11-20
Period of
2020-11-09 ~ 2020-11-19
Education Location Online
Person in charge PARK Soyun
Tel No. 02-2155-8916
Subject [Online] Andong, Off the Beaten Path of Korea

Korea, Off the Beaten Path  Vol 3. Andong City

  Andong, the provincial capital of Gyeongsangbuk-do, is an antique and beautiful city with rich cultural heritage. The size of the city is 2.5 times larger than Seoul, so if it is your first visit, we recommend that you take time to tour around. It is essential to look around Dosan Seowon, the most famous Confucian academy, and Hahoe village, which is home to descendants of the Ryu clan and is well-known for its traditional houses.
  Aside from the traditional aspect, there are various places to enjoy, trendy cafes and pubs remodeled with hanoks, romantic night view on the Woryeonggyo Bridge, old and good eateries around the city hall, Nakdong River running through the heart of the city, beautiful parks and small walking paths along the mountains and rivers…

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