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Elevation of Social Distancing to Level 2
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Subject Elevation of Social Distancing to Level 2

Elevation of Social Distancing to Level 2 for the Seoul Metropolitan Area

ㅇ Gathering in 5 high risk entertainment facilities will be restricted, and karaokes will close at 21pm

ㅇ For restaurants, only take-out and delivery will be permitted from 21pm, and drinking inside the cafe will not be allowed

ㅇ Indoor sports facilities will close at 21pm, movie theater and concert hall should keep an empty seat between persons

ㅇ The number of users limited to 50% for social welfare facilities

ㅇ The number of users limited to 30% for national/public facilities

ㅇ Mandatory mask-wearing in every indoor spaces, in public assemblies and demonstrations

ㅇ Limited number of visitors to 100 individuals for events(concert, festival, conference..)and gatherings(club, society, party)
- Refrain from gathering and dining as well as in-person meetings, and business trips.

ㅇ Limited number of the audience to 10% of the stadium capacity.

ㅇ Participation in regular worship, religious ceremonies allowed for 20% of capacity. Meetings and meal services hosted by religious facilities will not be allowed


For more details, please visit the Seoul City website http://english.seoul.go.kr/elevation-of-social-distancing-to-level-2-for-the-seoul-metropolitan-area/