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[Offline] Korean Cooking Class
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Education Period 2021-04-21 ~ 2021-04-21
Period of
2021-04-01 ~ 2021-04-16
Education Location Seorae Global Village Center
Person in charge Park Soyun
Tel No. 02-2155-8916
Subject [Offline] Korean Cooking Class

Korean Cooking Class (offline)🍴

 Menu of this month : 
Pan-fried perilla leaves with fillings (깻잎전) and stir-fried mushrooms with perilla powder

  The medicinal benefits of perilla leaves are well known in Asian societies. 
They are used in oriental medicine and also used in daily cooking. 
We eat them raw as wraps for BBQ or also as jeons.  
  Kkaennip-jeon is a fast, fun and light savory Korean side dish. 
If you like green leaves and are familiar with the minty and crispy taste of Koreanperilla leaves,
you will enjoy making this dish. 
The egg batter makes the minty leaves crispier and contrasts well with the juicy and savory pork patty fillings inside.   
  This dish will be accompanied by another side dish called stir-fried mushrooms with perilla powder. 
A healthy home-made dish during this trying time.  

WHEN:  Wednesday April 21st 2021 from 9:45 to 11:00am
LOCATION: Seorae Global Village Center (3F, 28, Seorae-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul)
HOW TO JOIN:  email seorae@seoul.go.kr by telling us your name and your nationality. 
FEE : 12,000 KRW
WHO CAN JOIN:  any adult living in Seoul as a foreign resident. 
WHAT TO BRING: apron, two sealable containers
INQUIRIES:  02-2155-8949/8916 seorae@seoul.go.kr