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[OCT] Morning Walking Lecture
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Education Period 2017-10-16 ~ 2017-10-16
Period of
2017-10-10 ~ 2017-10-13
Education Location Gyeongbokgung Palace Stn. Line3 Exit 5
Person in charge PARK Soyun
Tel No. 02-2155-8916
Subject [OCT] Morning Walking Lecture

Hidden Wonders of Korea

Scientific Wisdom to benefit the all mankind

Since ancient times, Korea has developed its own distinguished and sophisticated cultural civilization in Asia and has been at the cutting edge of art and science. We will visit museums and other sites that attest to Korea's current developments in science and technology.

We will take a walk to the Gyeongbokgung Palace to know how Joseon Kings tried to serve the people. Then we will move to the Gwanghwamun Plaza to explore the scientific legacies King Sejong the Great left for the people.

The lecture is one of the series of lecture operated by YEOL, Korean Heritage Preservation Society, and also a part of the Korean Sprit and Culture Promotion Project, which are both non-profit organization established to demonstrate Korean art, culture and history.

Don't miss the chance to explore the Korean history and culture (Free of charge)

*Reservation can be done by Seorae Global Village Center (02-2155-8916 or seorae@seoul.go.kr)