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[OCT] Make your own Quince fruity Syrup!
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Education Period 2017-10-19 ~ 2017-10-19
Period of
2017-10-16 ~ 2017-10-18
Education Location Korean Temple Food Center
Person in charge PARK Soyun
Tel No. 02-2155-8916
Subject [OCT] Make your own Quince fruity Syrup!

This Thursday from 13:30 to 14:30, Seorae Global Village Center is going to make Quince fruity syrup (모과청 mogwa chung in korean) in a 1L glass jar and wrapped in a traditional buddhist style knot at the Korean Temple Food Center in Insadong. After a resting period, the syrup is created and is normally used to brew tea with it or use it in salad dressings! It is fruity and juicy and also full of vitamin C! Please contact us if you would like to join.


seorae@seoul.go.kr or 02-2155-8916