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Late Registration for Korean 1B evening class
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Education Period 2018-10-11 ~ 2018-10-18
Period of
2018-10-11 ~ 2018-10-18
Education Location Seorae Global Village Center
Person in charge PARK Soyun
Tel No. 02-2155-8916
Subject Late Registration for Korean 1B evening class
The 1B-1 evening class is opened for students in lower beginner level.

Students who have studied Korean before, able to read and write Hangeul, count numbers, know basic verbs and past tense, and able to form "~요" phrase can apply for this class.

Applicants who register for the first time should take a level test. Please contact us to fix a date to take a level test(02-2155-8916 or seorae@seoul.go.kr).
Thank you!