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National Gugak Center "Lunar New Year Performance "
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Subject National Gugak Center "Lunar New Year Performance "

Lunar New Year Performance <PIG TARYEONG>


Yeak-dang(Main Hall), National Gugak Center

Ticket Price All seats 10,000 won

Ticket Inquiries 02-580-3300 www.gugak.go.kr Ticket INTERPARK 1544-1555 ticket.interpark.com

2019 Year of the Golden Pig! Lunar New Year Performance at the National Gugak Center!

Do you want to celebrate Lunar New Year with a full of wealth and great blessings?

Here, there is a special performance that you shouldn't miss.

You can wish everyone's dreams and hopes with traditional Korean music and dance.

Starting with a powerful marching music <Daechuita>, a song for the peace of the family <Chukwonga>, a traditional Korean play <Gwangdaegut> and <Arirang> performed by Gugak orchestra will be followed.

Experience various traditional Korean arts programs that everybody will love!

More than just FUN!

- "Happiness of 1,000 won

If you wear ‘Hanbok’ (traditional Korean costume) or

If you were born in the year of the Pig (1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007)

- Korean folk playground, "Umyeonland"

- Special gift to all audiences

Booking     For reservation and futher inquiries,

Information  Please send an e-mail at nalin@korea.kr or call at 02-580-3300

* This performance is only for 8+