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Business Consulting

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We are here to provide general consultation to foreigners in Seoul, who intends to make a start-up(or invest) in Korea.

Contents of Business Consulting  (Basic Consulting/ Expert Consulting/ 1:1 Consulting)
  • Basic Consulting (process of making a start-up, information on licenses needed according to particular industries and so on)
  • Experts Consulting (Legal, tax, accounting, customs, intelectual property, law,  human resources, start-up/business visa)  There are 10 different sections of consulation, reserve in advance to receive consulting for any one of the above listed sections.
  • Please make reservations for consultation a week before the date you intend to visit, through phone call or e-mail.  
  • It is not a concierge service. we don't send you a list of something or translate documents.

All Business Consulting is appointment based :  << Click Here! >>

Expert Consulting

  • Consulting time : weekdays 14:00~ 17:00
  • Please conform the schedule of the particular consultation you want before visiting.
  • It handles only cases occurred by running a business.
Providing expert consulting information
Field Content Frequency Side Note
Incorporation Incorporation and Registration consultation Once a week Every Tuesday 2pm-5pm
Tax, Accounting Surtax, General income tax report etc. Tax Consultation Twice a week Every Monday and Wednesday 2pm-5pm
Trade Import / Export Custom Declaration, Trade Consultation Twice a month 1st and 3rd Friday of the month 2pm-5pm
Intellectual Property Patent Application and Trademark/Brand Registration Twice a month 2nd and 4th Friday of the month 2pm-5pm
Investment Report Foreign Direct Investment and Financial Consultation once a month 2nd Tuesdayof the month 2pm-5pm
Law Commercial law once a month 2nd Thursday of the month 2pm-5pm
Labor HR and Labor management once a month 3rd Thursday of the month 2pm-5pm
  • The consulting schedule may change depending on the center you visit. 

1:1 Consulting

  • We provide intensive 1:1 consulting for those preparing to make a start-up (including those who already have a start-up)
  • Consulting time : within 3 hours per session (directly arrange meeting time with the consultant)
  • How to apply : Inquire through our e-mail below.
  • It handles only cases occurred by running a business.


  • Phone : 02-6361-4120 / E-mail : sgcbiz@sba.kr
  • Reservation and application :   <<Click Here!>>
  • At Seoul Global Business Center we provide information and consultation, plese note that we do not provide concierge services.