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Start-up Incubation

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   We offer incubation service to promising foreign-owned start-ups with office space and

       mentoring for up to a year for them to become the next successful company in Korea. 














Twice a year/ May~June, Nov~Dec


Volume of recruitment


About 16 companies


Number of Incubation office


Jong-ro (13 offices)          Gangnam (3 offices)         





Those who plan to start-up within six months from the day of move in (incubation office) or a start-up that has been operating for less than a year.  


Terms and conditions:

*Company must be certified with business registration certificate within six months from the day of move in (incubation office). 

*Company may be granted with a six months office extension according to its performance.



 Recruitment Process



1) Open recruitment  

2)  Resume & Interview

3) Finalist Selected





              ♦ The Incubation Office recruitment for the 2nd half of 2017 is open.


                For applying, please click here->  https://goo.gl/LcQdjd​




  Start-up Incubation: Coaching and Mentoring



  Period of Coaching: Once a month per company

※ This course is mandatory for evaluation



 Coach: Korean/English speaking coach in each department (Business administration, Marketing, Trade)

※ Seoul Global Center Business Advising committee and onsite clinic experts will be in support.





 Customized company performance management



  Performance Management:

     Monthly mandatory start-up activity report, including sales and employee performance.



     Once a month from each company (in given format)













Jong-no: 02-2075-4122  /  Gangnam: 02-6001-7243