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  • Dany


    Question regarding legal basis of disclosure of private information of corona patients and suspects.

    The below cited article is mentioning police and governmental measures I would like to have more detailed information about:

    How can we know the legal basis of non consenting disclosure of private information in case of an infection. What is the legal basis of publishing contact, GPS, location data?
    What are the rights the police has in case of a suspicion or in case of a confirmed infection?
    What legal support can infected patients get. Are infected people forced to cooperate?
    The below article mentions that CCTV material and Credit Card information are used to verify the patients locations. What is the legal basis for using CCTV cameras and obtaining personal data from credit card institutes. Is this only true for Korean credit card institutes or also International credit card institutes.

    Is it true that all hospitals do not have to provide any privacy policy when they
    force visitors to fill in questionaries with personal information, travel itineraries etc.

    Finally, is there a temporal limit to theses measures and are they limited to the corona virus also or are other diseases also included?

    I would be very grateful of a legally and medically qualified answer or a precise contact able to provide me with this information.

  • 글로벌궁궐교실


    [모집] 외국인 유학생 글로벌 궁궐 교실(Global Palace Classroom) 참가자 모집조회 수 475 추천 수 0 2019.10.06 23:16:05


    On line Application form : https://bit.ly/2Vv51mu

    <글로벌 궁궐교실 FAQ / Global Palace Classroom FAQ >

    1. 참가비는 무료인가요?

    네, 참가비는 무료로 진행되는 프로그램입니다.

    1. Is the participate fee free of charge?

    Yes, this program is free of charge.


    2. 자세한 일정이 어떻게 되나요?

    궁궐의 건축, 왕실 문화, 궁중 생활을 중심으로 해설이 진행되고 이 외에 보물 찾기, 전통탈 만들기 등의 체험활동으로 이뤄져 있습니다. 직접 만든 전통탈 기념품으로 가져가실 수 있습니다.

    1:30~3:00 왕실문화와 궁중생활 (궁궐 전문 해설가 해설)

    3:00~4:00 보물 찾기 (조별로 지도를 가지고 보물을 찾으며 미션 수행)

    4:00~5:00 전통탈 만들기 (전통탈에 색한지를 붙여 완성하기)

    5:00~5:30 기념촬영 및 퇴궐

    2. What is the schedule of this program?

    There are explanations about architecture of the palace, royal culture, and court life. In addition to this, this program is made up of activities such as finding treasure hidden in the palace and making a Korean traditional mask.

    13:30~3:00 Royal culture and court life (commentator will explain about these culture)
    3:00~4:00 Finding treasure hidden in the palace (complete missions as a group with a map of the palace)
    4:00~5:00 Making Korean traditional mask (complete Korean traditional mask by attaching the Korean traditional colored paper to it)
    5:00~5:30 Taking group picture , Leave the Palace
    2. 详细的日程呢?

    -1:30~3:00 : 王室文化,宫中生活进行解说
    -3:00~4:00 : 找宝游戏 (各个小组拿着地图找)
    -4:00~5:00 : 做韩国传统面具 (在面具上贴彩韩纸完成)
    -5:00~5:30 : 留念照,回家

    3. 비가 와도 프로그램이 진행 되나요?

    네! 우천 시에도 프로그램은 정상 진행이 되며 우산과 우비는 직접 준비해 주세요. 취소 될 시에는 미리 연락을 드리겠습니다.

    3. What if there will be rain on that day?

    Regardless of the rain, the program is going to be held. Therefore, you should bring your own umbrella.

    If the program is canceled, we will contact you in advance.

    是的。 下雨天也正常进行,请亲自准备雨伞

    4. 어떤 언어로 해설하나요?

    해설은 영어, 중국어, 일본어, 한국어로 진행되며 본인이 듣고 싶은 언어를 선택해 주시면 됩니다.

    4. What kinds of languages will be provided?

    English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean will be provided during this program, and you can choose among these languages.


    5. 궁금한 점은 어디에 문의하면 되나요?

    우리문화숨결(02-735-5733) 혹은 고은영(담당자) 010-5163-0921로 전화 문의하시면 됩니다.

    5. If I have a question of this program, how can I do?

    If you have any questions about this program, please contact one of our staff members via call this number; 02-735-5733 or directly call to the manager of this program; 010-5163-0921

    5. 如有咨询的事项,给我们联系。给我们团体(02-735-5733)或者管理者(010-5163-0921)。

    6. 모이는 장소는 어디인가요?

    창경궁 정문 (홍화문) 앞으로 13시 10분 까지 오시면 자원봉사자들이 기다리고 있겠습니다.

    단풍이 예쁜 창경궁에서 만나요 :D

    6. Where should I go?

    If you come to the main gate of Changgyeonggung palace (Honghwamun Gate) before 13:10, you would meet staff members waiting for you.

    See you in beautiful Changgyeonggung. :D

    6. 在哪里集合?

  • YVUA Arts


    * 2016 YVUA ARTS x ART PARTY 2016 *
    ARTIST CALL for Play Reading + Art Exhibition
    Dec.24 & Dec.31
    - Painters/ Actors / Performing Artists / Designers / Everybody interested in ART! -

    YVUA ARTS will present 2 End of the 2016 Art Parties on Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve!) and Dec.31!!!

    Our Art Parties involve artists from various backgrounds and non-artists who are interested in arts, and provides opportunity for our guests and participants to communicate and share their works and ideas and have fun!

    All Painters/Designers/ Illustrators/Sculptors/etc

    Please choose a date (either Dec.24 or 31) and submit your portfolio (simple resume and your works) to our email ( show contact info ) by Dec. 17th.
    (You will be able to exhibit about 2 pieces.)

    --> Dec 24th (Sat/Christmas Eve) - "YVUA's aB.NoRm.aL Exhibition"
    ("YVUA's 미친 NoRm 미술 전시회")

    --> Dec 31st (Sat/The Last Day of 2016) - "YVUA's MoOnStrUck SouLs x Art Exhibition"
    ("이브아의 미친 年 미술 전시회")

    All Actors and Actresses/Performing Artists/Anyone who's interested in Theatrical Art

    YVUA ARTS will choose one or two teams to stage Play Reading Performance/Showcase (run time: about 10-20 min each / regardless of genre / freestyle).

    Please choose a date (either Dec.24 or 31) and submit the name of your work, synopsis, and part of the script that you want to perform @ YVUA ARTS Art Party to our email ( show contact info ) by Dec. 17th.

    --> Dec 24th (Sat/Christmas Eve) - "YVUA's aB.NoRm.aL x Art Party"
    ("YVUA's 미친 NoRm 아트 파티")

    --> Dec 31st (Sat/The Last Day of 2016) - "YVUA's MoOnStrUck SouLs x Art Party"
    ("이브아의 미친 年 아트 파티")


    YVUA ARTS x Art Party, along with Art Exhibitions and Theatrical Showcases, will be providing wine, jello shots, and various finger foods to boost up the atmosphere^^! (There will be admission fee for all the guests / *Discount fee for all participating artists.)

    - Location: YVUA ARTS Studio (이브아 아트 스튜디오)
    B1 1659-7 Seocho 1 -dong, Seocho-gu
    (Subway: 2/3 Line - Seoul National Univ. of Education Station 교대역, Exit 1 or 5)

    Please feel free and submit! It will be lot of fun!

    Contact: Kakao Talk (YveyiYi)
    show contact info

  • Linaa


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