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  • YVUA Arts


    * 2016 YVUA ARTS x ART PARTY 2016 *
    ARTIST CALL for Play Reading + Art Exhibition
    Dec.24 & Dec.31
    - Painters/ Actors / Performing Artists / Designers / Everybody interested in ART! -

    YVUA ARTS will present 2 End of the 2016 Art Parties on Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve!) and Dec.31!!!

    Our Art Parties involve artists from various backgrounds and non-artists who are interested in arts, and provides opportunity for our guests and participants to communicate and share their works and ideas and have fun!

    All Painters/Designers/ Illustrators/Sculptors/etc

    Please choose a date (either Dec.24 or 31) and submit your portfolio (simple resume and your works) to our email ( show contact info ) by Dec. 17th.
    (You will be able to exhibit about 2 pieces.)

    --> Dec 24th (Sat/Christmas Eve) - "YVUA's aB.NoRm.aL Exhibition"
    ("YVUA's 미친 NoRm 미술 전시회")

    --> Dec 31st (Sat/The Last Day of 2016) - "YVUA's MoOnStrUck SouLs x Art Exhibition"
    ("이브아의 미친 年 미술 전시회")

    All Actors and Actresses/Performing Artists/Anyone who's interested in Theatrical Art

    YVUA ARTS will choose one or two teams to stage Play Reading Performance/Showcase (run time: about 10-20 min each / regardless of genre / freestyle).

    Please choose a date (either Dec.24 or 31) and submit the name of your work, synopsis, and part of the script that you want to perform @ YVUA ARTS Art Party to our email ( show contact info ) by Dec. 17th.

    --> Dec 24th (Sat/Christmas Eve) - "YVUA's aB.NoRm.aL x Art Party"
    ("YVUA's 미친 NoRm 아트 파티")

    --> Dec 31st (Sat/The Last Day of 2016) - "YVUA's MoOnStrUck SouLs x Art Party"
    ("이브아의 미친 年 아트 파티")


    YVUA ARTS x Art Party, along with Art Exhibitions and Theatrical Showcases, will be providing wine, jello shots, and various finger foods to boost up the atmosphere^^! (There will be admission fee for all the guests / *Discount fee for all participating artists.)

    - Location: YVUA ARTS Studio (이브아 아트 스튜디오)
    B1 1659-7 Seocho 1 -dong, Seocho-gu
    (Subway: 2/3 Line - Seoul National Univ. of Education Station 교대역, Exit 1 or 5)

    Please feel free and submit! It will be lot of fun!

    Contact: Kakao Talk (YveyiYi)
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  • TBS eFM Human Interest Documentary Recruitment


    Would You Like to Be Featured in a Radio Documentary?

    Do you have a personal story of loss and triumph that people should hear? A message that will change how we view ourselves or the world around us?

    TBS eFM is Korea’s No. 1 Foreign Language Radio station. We cover areas such as news, current affairs, music, culture, sports, as well as living tips in Korea. But we strive to do more than just inform—we want to celebrate the diversity of culture and people who define and shape the essence of the city of Seoul.

    TBS eFM is looking for a Seoul-resident expat who would like to be part of a human interest documentary.

    Our ideal candidate is someone who has an interesting or emotional story:
    -It could be about a person (themselves or others), people, group/organization, or place.
    -An atypical reason for coming and staying in Korea (in other words, a reason besides teaching).
    -A story of a problem or concern that was overcome (emotional/physical/mental/financial, etc.) while in Korea.
    -A personal story of multiculturism in the family or in the community

    If you’re interested, send an email with the Subject “TBS Documentary” to tchoi.tbs@gmail.com and include the information below.
    1. Contact Information (phone number)
    2. Name
    3. Age
    4. Country of origin
    5. How long you have lived in Korea
    6. A short summary of the personal, human interest story you’d like to share.

    *Further details regarding the documentary and payment will be discussed with confirmed participants.