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Business Classes

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Business and start-up activity related training is offered to foreign residences in Seoul.

Start-up school

  • There are 10 Foreign start-up basic courses offered.
Information on foreign entrepreneurship
Period Total of 5 times (January, April, June, September and October).
Audience 25 foreign residences in Korea who wish to build a start-up.
Place Seoul global center classroom
Contents 10 basic subjects necessary for establishing and operating a company.
Providing information necessary for establishment and operation of the company
No. Subject No. Subject
1 Korean business culture, FDI procedures 6 Financing plans and operating strategies.
2 IR and presentation 7 Strategic Business Marketing.
3 Understanding Immigration laws and regulations. 8 Employment and labor
4 Tax and licensing practices 9 Patent disputes and contract writing method
5 Understanding the Korean real estate system 10 Business conference

Business Intensive Course

  • Specific sector (marketing , tax , accounting , incorporation , etc.) professional further education.
Business intensive course Provides specific education information
Period 2-5 days per course (2-4 hours per class), once per quarter, 4 times a year.
Audience Start-up founders with a specific start-up item, founders who are wishing to change or add their type of business and those who completed start-up school courses.
Recruitment 25-40 students per class. (around 150 students per year)
Location Seoul Global Center and Gangnam Global Business Center classrooms
Contents Intensive advanced course based on the type of business / industry practice.

Business Seminar

  • Business establishment basic and additional education in needed areas.
Provide business seminar training information
Period Around 6 times a year / 1-2days per seminar (2-4hours per time)
Audience Those enrolled in start-up school, who completed the courses, or pre-startup founders, 20-30 people per seminar
Venue Seoul Global Center and Gangnam Global Business Center classrooms
Contents Provides information about key issues and latest information updates per season.
e.g. Tax reports ( VAT, Income tax Report) , system tax and legislation changes.
  • The above process-specific schedules, information or else might be changed according to the center’s circumstances.


  • 02-6361-4126 / sgcbiz@sba.kr